Ulivo Wellness

The Professionals


Meet the UlivoWellness team, a collective of leading wellness professionals working in the health industry. We provide services thoughtfully designed for your company.


We bring the change where it’s most needed


Our mission is to reduce stress, promote productivity, and inspire team building by helping corporate teams cultivate wellness practices.




Ulivo Wellness was founded by Fabio Cancogni and Julia Richters in 2022.


As a dedicated couple in life and work, their shared passion for healthy lifestyles and sustainability drives their mission to promote wellness in both the corporate and personal spheres.

Their experience as former corporate employees allows them to fully understand the demands and challenges of the working world, making UlivoWellness the ideal partner for your reality.


Fabio Cancogni

Co-founder & breathwork instructor

Fabio embodies the bridge between scientific knowledge around the respiratory system and an intuitive teaching to reconnect with your own body.
He teaches:
- Breathwork
- Mindfulness

Profile Juli

julia richters

Co-founder & yoga teacher

Julia shares her knowledge and her practice in unique yoga classes built for those who are ready to take responsibility for their health & wellbeing.
She teaches:
- Yoga
- Female Empowerment

marta isabella

yoga teacher

Marta Isabella is a yoga teacher, professional actress, speaking coach and mama.
Her practice is an invitation to flow with the grace and power of yoga through the different landscapes of movement, sound, breathwork and silence.
She teaches:
- Yoga
- Female Empowerment

Profile Chiara

CHIARA pinzi

pilates instructor

Chiara is a kinesiologist specialized in preventive and adapted motor activities science. She has been in the sport environment for over 10 years teaching Pilates.
She teaches:
- Pilates (in italian)