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How much does it cost to be healthy?

 You can’t put a tag on your well-being
Welcome to our website!
We are Fabio and Juli and we are thrilled to take you on a journey towards a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 
Together we created Ulivo Wellness as a collaboration to share what we are most passionate about.
Teaching practices such as yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness, to return to a healthy body and a balanced mind
We know what it’s like to spend all your energy at work, to the long hours in front of the screen and the little sleep as we experienced it during our past years in the corporate world.
Having reached the point of a burnout, we knew that for something to change, our physical and mental state had to change. 
Following parallel paths of profound personal work, we both achieved impressive results:
we succeeded to fully recovered from high stress and mental instability and find our inner equilibrium.
The decision to leave our corporate career was an obvious choice as we embraced the mission to share these powerful tools we’ve been now practicing for years, with whoever need it the most.
We, as Ulivo Wellness, are here to help you and your team to return to balance within yourself and to prevent you from burning out. 

Hear some feedbacks from
Happy Clients!

“I would like to thank you very, very much for the wonderful Mindful Journey on which you have guided us so nicely!
For me this was really an inspiration and I am confident I will continue practicing mindfulness and go for more yoga practices and potentially classes from now on. 
I very much liked the way you have performed the weekly sessions in a super kind, engaged, relaxed, positive and knowledgeable way. In the beginning I was a bit sceptical if this would be my “thing”, but I can tell you I was always looking forward to the Friday sessions”

Basic Plan

850 / 4 weeks
  • An introductory package. No long-term commitment

    What's included:
  • ONE of the selected wellness service (i.e.: yoga, pilates, ...)
  • Private instructor reserved exclusively for your employees
  • Weekly 1-hour session online

Intermediate Plan

2150 / 12 weeks
  • WFH is your working policy? We reach your employees directly at home

    What's included:
  • ONE of the selected wellness service (i.e.: yoga, pilates, ...)
  • Private instructor reserved exclusively for your employees
  • Weekly 1-hour session online
  • Save up to 20% by purchasing two or more programs

* More exclusive packages for managers only are also available under request



Increase stress resilience

wellness programs can offer resources to help employees manage stress and improve their mental health

Boost Productivity

it can support employees focus better on their work, leading to improved productivity levels.

Improve Reputation

prioritizing employee's wellness can cultivate a positive reputation, attract potential clients and talents

Lower healthcare costs

encouraging teams to take part of our classes, helps lowering healthcare costs associated with preventable illnesses

Reduce absenteeism

maintaining physical and mental health, reduces the likelihood of taking sick leave

Brighten office culture

demonstrate company's commitment to the well-being of your employees, which can enhance satisfaction and loyalty.


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