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UlivoWellness is your partner for office yoga, breathwork and more well-being classes.

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We are a collective of experienced and certified professionals working in the health industry. We provide wellness services thoughtfully designed for your company.

We bring the change where it’s most needed

Our mission is to reduce stress, promote productivity, and inspire team building by helping corporate teams cultivate wellness practices.



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Anywhere in the world 


What can we offer to make your company a better place?

You can’t put a tag on your well-being


Offering support in a variety of ways, UlivoWellness provides: 

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Our wellbeing resources are designed to help you cultivate a wellness practice outside of our classes.

Stay tuned for:

… and much more


For every happy employee your company’s value goes up

Show your employees that you care about them

Research shows that a healthy work environment improves the way we think, feel, and show up in the world. By implementing a mindful practice of breath and movement, you’re assured to a rise in productivity and a decrease in stress.

Optimise your resilience for peak performance

Benefits of wellness in the workspace include:


How can I include a wellness program into my company?

Don’t worry, we will guide you step by step

Schedule a call

Before we jump into action, we want to know a bit more about your company, your employees' needs and stress levels, and what they are seeking to improve the most within the workplace


Choose your plan, sign and pay

Now it's time to commit with the first step towards a change. Pick the most fitting wellness plan, settle the payment and sign the contract



It's time to create something powerful. Through consistency of weekly sessions, we will build a foundation of tools and understanding to enhance focus, performance, relationship to self and colleagues, and boost overall health within the workplace.


How much does it cost to be healthy?

 You can’t put a tag on your well-being

Basic Plan

850 / 4 weeks
  • An introductory package. No long-term commitment

    What's included:
  • ONE of the selected wellness service (i.e.: yoga, pilates, ...)
  • Private instructor reserved exclusively for your employees
  • Weekly 1-hour session online

Intermediate Plan

2150 / 12 weeks
  • WFH is your working policy? We reach your employees directly at home

    What's included:
  • ONE of the selected wellness service (i.e.: yoga, pilates, ...)
  • Private instructor reserved exclusively for your employees
  • Weekly 1-hour session online
  • Save up to 20% by purchasing two or more programs

* More exclusive packages for managers only are also available under request



Do you have any more questions?

We will try to answer a few of the most frequent ones

No. Our classes are completely beginner friendly and don’t require any experience. Also
don’t worry if there are more advanced practitioners in the same class, our teachers are
trained to handle different levels in the same class and match the appropriate level for

As these requirements changes from activity to activity, refer to the related section above where you will find everything you need to know

Of course you can, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We will try our best to make our sessions a life changing experience for your employees however, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Period.

Yes. When you register you will automatically receive a simplified invoice. If you want an invoice with your company or self-employed data, you can request it. We will send it to you by email and the rest of future invoices will already arrive with the new data.

We will come directly to your office if your company is located within the Lisbon region. However if your company is based outside of this area or in another country, you can choose the online plan.

any more questions?

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